Don’t be offended, it’s me, too.

You are somebody’s Time Bandit. We all are. We have all been guilty of stealing time from those around us by interrupting them when they are trying to get something done.

Bandits wear masks to disguise themselves, and Time Bandits wear the most innocent disguises. They come as our friends, our family, our co-workers, our customers, our bosses. They are so innocent of intent – the one on the cover has a winning little smile, doesn’t he? He doesn’t intend to steal from you. But if he interrupts you while you are trying to get something done, steal from you he does.

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“There is a lot of valuable information about how to diplomatically deal with interruptions and recapture time for better performance and productivity.”

Paula Dufort, Reviewer

“If time issues are a priority for you then this book will not disappoint you.”

Malcolm Dewey, Reviewer

“I would recommend this book to someone who is going crazy at work with a lot of interruptions all of the time.”

Jennifer Sabol ,Bookseller, Booktraders of Hamilton